Problem with e-stop in True Drive on SC2 Sport

Hey guys,

i have been using my SC2 Sport since the beginning of the year now without any problems, but since last week my e-stop started acting up. First it wouldnt disengange in the True Drive software, so I would disengange it manually (physically) but it would still show as “pressed” and no feedback would come from the wheel. Then, an hour ago or so, the FFB just cut out completly while driving and the e-stop showed as pressed in the software without it being pushed physically. I doscnonnected every plug on the rear of the base and checked everything and no the e-stop seems to be acting as intended, but sometimes, just for a split second i get the message: “e-stop released. Motor Faults (cycle e-stop to clear): Power Stage Forced Off Fault Location ID: 140407”. This shows when releasing the e-stop when the base is turned on, but only every now and then while switching th e-stop on and off multiople times in a row.
I hope the description is clear enough and that hopefully someone can help me with this.

Grettings from Germany



That fault location ID can announce momentarily when e-stop is being cycled, but that is completely normal if the fault gets reset when you again release the e-stop.

But, does the e-stop still seem to toggle while driving without you physically pressing it?

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Hey Mika,

First of all thanks for your quick response! So if the fault code is normal than I am a little less worried already because with this Fault ID I read something about power supply or similar.
The problem with the e-stop engaging mid drive only occurred once yesterday, but didn’t do much driving afterwards, I will test some more this evening though.
The problem with the e-stop not releasing properly in the True Drive seems to be solved magically for now, at least I pressed and Releases for many times in a row and it always showed up correctly.
Still I am extremely worried about the e-stop engaging while driving as I have some important races coming up and now not knowing what is wrong with my unit. Has anything similar happens before? Can I provide any other data or description to help solving the problem or finding out what caused it?

Greetings, Luca.