Problem in simucube 2 sport

Hello everyone, today I realized that the friction and damper that the base has according to the parameters that I have set in the true drive (2023.2) change when I touch any parameter in the software, for example I touch the reconstruction filter and the base becomes looser, I touch the damper, I raise it and it becomes looser, I raise the friction 1 point and it becomes looser, but when I turn it off and turn it back on, it becomes more resistant again. Does anyone know what can happen to it? pass, thanks

Fe you have recon 1, then choose 4? And the damper/friction feels different?
I never tested it, but if you change the amount of torque the filter will feel different aswell, according to my logic.

Or it could be that you don’t save/activate it.

So by adding damping it feels looser (more damped), more friction the wheel will turn less quickly. That should be the expected result imo.

Yes, exactly, it happens to me when I touch any parameter, it is as if the base had some parameters saved and when I touch the software it puts others, this afternoon I tried after installing the true drive again to record that same profile again as preferred and now it doesn’t, that’s why I think that when recording the profile in the software something was not going well, of course it was very strange because it also happened when touching the slew rate, let’s all say

There is a default setup possibility. So you will have this one ready when you start up the wheel.