Problem importing or deleting profiles

Hello, I am going to attach a video about what happens to me when trying to delete profiles from the true drive program.
The application blocks me and it is only restored from the emergency stop and restarting the equipment. Cheers

Looks like you have a very large number of profiles. It might be, that there are more than officially supported by the firmware and something strange happens as a result.

I will PM you for support tomorrow.

Could you give me instructions on how to remove them without using the TD program? They are profiles from a file that they passed me, which work perfectly for several colleagues. They work for me, the problem I have now is that trying to delete one or want to import a new profile blocks the entire program

The profiles are saved on the device itself, so True Drive must be used. There is a reset settings -version that I can help you to install, which will clear all your profiles and allows a fresh start.

I haven’t found the reason why this happens, and I’ve only seen this happen only once before.

It is possible that the cause is what you tell me, in fact I am almost sure that it is, it would be perfect to be able to reestablish it from scratch. Thank you very much Mika

Mika, thank you very much for the support I can already add and remove profiles correctly. a greeting

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If there is a limitation on the number of profiles SC can hold in EPROM as well as limited number of write cycles, can GD consider only having read-only and default profile there and the rest stored in file system? Similar to MMos.
Wheel base is not in particular a mobile device that can be freely moved between PCs to really take advantage of the on board profiles storage.

This would be quite a big architectural change and we do not have development time for that right now. Also, people have requested switching profiles with physical buttons/encoders, which would make it impossible if those were not on the device.

Understood Mika, you guys are stretched thin as is already. Just something to consider perhaps, in distant future.

Why not though? TD knows when a key is pressed on the wheel? And you need TD running if you want high torque mode.

True drive is not parsing or reading the wheel position reports in subscription basis (like games); instead it uses a polling mode which causes too high CPU consumption.

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I made a mistake I guess and now I now I have my profiles x three in the list. Is there a simple way to delete all the profiles and then import a new set?