Price comparison SC2 Sport - DD1

I don’t know if its helpful, but I would like to share my price comparison i made of both systems before i made my decision to go with a SC2.
Of course it is just one option of many more. It depends on the personal preference of the potential buyer.

SC 2 Sport !!with motor mount!!
1230 €

Motamec Steering Wheel D-Shape
90 €

Penguin Buttonbox
160 € + tax + shipping

Total: approx. 1550 €

Fanatec DD1:
1200 €

Clubsport Steering wheel GT
400 €

Total: approx. 1600 €

In the end purchasing an SC 2 is cheaper, especially if you intent to buy some additional motorsport steering wheels in the future. In this case you don’t have to buy for every wheel a Podium Hub for 200 €, just a SC2 QR Wheelkit for 70 €.
The Fanatec “ecosystem” isn’t cheap in the end.
Imho he SC2 is currently the best wheel base on the market.
Combined with a motorsport steering wheel of your choice you can get the highest possible quality.


Actually to correct one thing here the the Penguin r/c Button Box DOES NOT work directly with the SC2 as they chose to leave off the RJ45 Ports that were present on the SC1… It can work with the PSUSB_28 USB adaptor or another style USB adaptor with some DIY… This will run about 100$ US more than what was listed. I have been in talks with @Mika about the implementation of an adaptor on the accessory port that would restore these ports at a lower price than the USB option and allow the box to be controlled through the TrueDrive Software… Hopefully we are able to get this done so that the low cost wheel solution is still an option on the SC2.

You’ll probably be happy with either. The price disparity is not likely the determining factor for buyers for this product. For me the key determinant was the wheel/base interface. SC2 has a wireless option and a much more solid QR (and the option of using other QR options) Fanatec has more wheels at attractive price points, but a legacy QR that traps the user and adds flex. I’d rather have a solidly mounted, go-to wheel than a bunch of “affordable” ones that I won’t really use.

I guess the SC2 will be pricier if they do the rumored price change. They haven’t commented on the thread on here though. I’d still say SC2 would be better anyway, the fanatec ecosystem for example is only really good if you don’t want anything higher end than their pedals, handbrake, or rims for that matter. If you change those then the eco system kinda becomes irrelevant for game support.

Tbh, even if the SC2 was double the price of the podium, I would buy it, so far it is ahead of it in terms of hardware-design.

I have disassembled both and studied the hardware pretty intimately…there is a rather big gap in technology and (Industrial) quality of the design and implementation, but just IMHO of course.