Price Comparison SC2 Pro - DD 2

An the the next step comparison.
In the end the Fanatec “ecosystem” isn´t cheap.
Furthermore the CSW Wheels are not of the same quality as a OMP, Sparco or Momo.
Go with the better solution. Imho its the SC2.

SC 2 Pro !!with motor mount!!
1450 €

OMP Superquadro Steering Wheel

190 €
Sparco 353

Asher Racing Button Box
550 €

Total: approx. 2200€

Fanatec DD 2
1500 €

Podium Porsche 911 Steering Wheel
650 €

Total: approx. 2150 €


Good post, thanx, will surely help a few out there!

Thx Beano.
In addition, going with the SC2 you can buy any Motorsport steering wheel without having to purchase the podium hub for 200€ for each wheel.
So many more options than Fanatec.

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