Premium Torque key mount

This msg is for Simucube granite devices guys.
Please PM me if its at all possible for me to get that metal plate shaped like the Premium torae key so I
Mount jt. I asked on a fb post where I saw it but the gentleman told me to ask you guys about

edit : you mean the plate underneath?

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Yes I have the torque key. I mean the plate to mount it

I have the premium e-stop and mount it to profile with m4 screws into t-nut. Not sure what a plate would add?

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I’ll see if I can get mines mounted the same way then. Thanks.

But the plate does look like it makes the job easier

I will see if we have the CAD model still somewhere. This was a one-off CNC machined DIY part.

I got a comment that this version was made as the early version of the premium e-stop button unit required mounting from the back. It is not like that for the units we ship.

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Hi Lee can you post a picture of your mounting,M4 screws dont fit through my Estop, did you drill it out ?

I have two through holes:

I also used t-nuts with M4 screws. No need to drill it out. Are you sure you´ve tried M4?

Hi everybody!!

Anybody knows how long shoud be the M4 screw to mount the premium Torque direct in the aluminum TSlot?