Premium E-Stop for Sale for SC2 Pro?

I noticed the description of the SC2 Pro indicates you could upgrade to the premium version of the E-Stop at some point (the one included with the Ultimate). Will that be something available any time soon after SC2s start shipping?


I’d like to know this too, if possible.

I did ask this question in the main news and updates thread but no answer so far.

Same here, can’t skimp on safety :slight_smile:

It’s simply a emergency shut-off button, no?
You press it firmly, it clicks and it does the one simple thing it’s designed for.
You turn/twist it to resume the motor.

I’m genuinely curious what a “premium e-stop” is going to offer in terms of ‘improved safety’ that the one supplied with original Simucube and SC2 you clearly feel is lacking in the safety department?


The premium estop offers integrated on/off switch as well as threaded holes on the back for rigid mounting.

It will be available soon!

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Integrated on/off switch?
Do you mean the option to turn the functionality of the e-button on or off?
Or does it replace the button with a switch?

There is the torque off button (e-stop) and a separate power on/off switch with a small blue led.

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Ok, thanks for the explanation.
So essentially it adds a switch to turn it off with a LED, and mounting option?

Adding complexity to a piece of hardware that is designed for emergencies sounds unnecessary to me, but I guess the kids love those LED’s :slight_smile:
What if the user forgets that they turned the switch off and has a need to hit the emergency stop button, but it doesn’t work? Or will the new SC2 software not allow the user to use the wheel if it detects the switch in the ‘off’ position?

The mounting option sounds useful, I DIY’d that part to fit on my Sim-Labs P1.

Its a power switch. If the Driver hits that, the device turns off.

I get it now.
So it’s a power switch for the entire motor, so a backup for the button.

Thanks Mika, makes sense now. :slight_smile:

Does it remove all power from the motor, or just cycle a relay etc?

It removes power from the voltage regulators in the device.

Ok thanks.
So after usage for the day a user should still turn off power to the power supply’s?

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It looks Sharp, I wanted it the moment I saw it. Put me on the list as well haha.

Status update: We can’t give availability date for this just yet. However, the resellers can place their orders for this and the pricing has been communicated to resellers.

“It removes power from the voltage regulators in the device”
Does that mean it powers the SC2 off the same as using the conventional power button and therefore we can use the e-stop’s power switch just as safely and reliably as if we cut power the standard way?

How can I upgrade a batch 3 SC2 Pro order to the premium e-stop switch and how much does the upgrade cost? I don’t think I saw this option on the DSD website and I would like to upgrade my order (as long as the price is reasonable) I purchased a week ago…

Yes. The Ultimate model does not have a physical power button on the back.

What about if connected to the SC2 Pro?

Anyone selling these yet? I’m getting my SC2 Pro today and would like to have the Premium E-Stop, but no one seems to be selling it.

SRB has it