Premium e-stop button mounting

Hi guys, I am about to receive the premium e-stop button for SC2 and I am wondering what bolts and nutz I will need to mount it on my rig (GT1 Evo). There should be two pre-drilled holes advertised as threaded but I was told that these are just plain holes without threads.

So would you be so kind to advise what diameter and length should these 2 bolts be?


Pretty sure I am using two M4x30 to mount to profile using 40-series M4 T-bolts. The case is 24mm thick, but the bolts recess into it so the socket cap head is flush.

Don’t understand why you’d want threaded. It would interfere with typical mounting from the front.

Thanks a lot for the reply bud.
Just FYI I did not say I want it threaded, I am just pointing out that webshops are advertising it as “threaded holes” but it is not, right…

Ok, M4x30 it is, Again, thanks a lot for the reply, much apperciated.