Powering off the SC2 Pro via a USB hub - is it ok?

Quick question.

My entire rig is running off a Good brand (expensive(ish)) powered usb 3.0 hub that is mounted on the side of my rig and has a convenient power switch on it to turn off and also disconnects every device from the pc. When im not using the rig I power down this way.

I used to always power off the SC2 Pro via the switch on the back when finished racing… just realised that powering off the usb connection also cuts power to the SC2 Pro anyway even with power switch left in the on position. Then when I press the usb hub back on it comes back.

So the question… is it ok to do it this way? is the base indeed fully powered off if it has no usb connection or would you still recommended turning off the base via the switch as well?

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The base is powered off when there is no USB power available.