Power supply make too much noise


My Ionicube currently running by a MEAN WELL PSP-600-48 PSU.

This things make too much noise and I’m asking me if there is now a better power supply that make less noise?
Did you have any recommendation or it’s better to keep this PSU?

Thanks for your help!


Which servo motor do you have?

Anyway, MW NDR-480 is a good choice of you run small Mige, SDR-480 is good for both small and large Mige. Please note those psu’s are passively cooled, no fans inside, so you will need fan inside your case pushing air through these psu’s.

A simple slow-turning 80-120mm fan does a very good job of venting the psu of hot air…

I swapped my fan with a Noctua and it quieted things down to the point where it doesn’t bother me at all, and things still seem to run nice and cool. Of course, be sure to keep an eye on heat buildup and I’m sure it voids the warranty and all that, but I got a great deal on mine via eBay so I went for it and am quite happy with the results.

@relevante: You have a simucube, yes?

Thanks for your answer.

@Phillip: I dont know what is the difference between small or large MiGE ? mine is a 130ST-M10010.
it’s a ionicube and it’s in a coolmaster case with already one 120mm fan in the front.

@relevante: Can you give me the reference from your Noctua ?

Virgul that is the small Mige.

Yep, small Mige.

Relevante’s comment is probably not relevant (intentional pun) to your situation, as he is running a SimuCUBE system, if it was the std one from GD, people replaced the original fan with a noctua fan, as I had advised a few years ago.

In your case, you’re running an ionicube with a MW with integrated fan. So best to heed my advice and grab what I recommend above, together with a noctua 80mm fan simply to circulate air through your psu.

Just make sure the psu will fit in your housing, they have different dimensions to your existing psu.


Thanks for your answer

According to the size of my case I need to buy MW SDR-480-48.
Only a little things I see that my currently PSU has an output of 12.5A and this one is at 10A? No problem?

And for the fan like I said I have already a coolmaster 120mm fan in front and I will put a 60mm noctua on the back to extract air, only to be sure that it will not overheated.

Happy to ear that I can solve this easily.

No problem, the small Mige doesn’t require more than ~360W at full tilt. The SDR-480 series can boost up to 720W for a second or two. I have used them on much larger servos than the small Mige, they are my go-to psu :slight_smile:

Perfect thank you I will order this!

Cheers from Switzerland

Cheers, you’re welcome :wink: