Power supply amount of 3 pedals set

Good day,
I am planning to buy a 3 pedals set in the future.
How many power supplies will be included in the package?

There will be one power supply (from the Primary Set pedal) which is then daisy-chained to the additional pedals.

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Do I get it right that you (Granite) made a new software for the pedals, which is at the moment a standalone?
Wasn’t it the official statement that True Drive and the pedal software will be merged, as a single software?

If this has changed, I myself could absolutely live with it. For a non software developer like I am it looks pretty difficult to bring a software for pedals, and sure for a unique system like yours, together with a DD software.
Do Granite publishes numbers of pedal and pedal sets sold/ordered? To get an idea how important the pedals are business wise compared to the DD business? I assume there is a difference in the importance the technical innovation has and the financial benefits it’s generating (at least for the this year). Investment and costs sure are substantial

Thats still on the table and work should be starting soon. Nothing has been changed in our plans yet. Did you expect it be out when the pedal software is out? we never said that.

No, not at all!! Just me being curious, that is all. Get yourself some rest at the Easter holidays, Mika. You deserve it