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Evening Gents,

I have a Simucube setup that i bought from Tomo at sim racing bay that i have been loving ever since i got it set up. The one issue that i have is that i have a very bad habit of forgetting to turn off my simucube off when i am done racing for the night. I would love to hook up a few inches of the 12V LED strips that i have laying around to show me that i have the power on.

would this be as simple as hooking up the strip to the LED-ext pin on the board?

thanks in advance for the help guys.

Hi NightShiftNinja

The LED_EXT pin output 3.3 V so it will not work with a 12V LED strip. Also, as it’s connected to a mcu IO pin, the current is limited to some 20 mA.

The easiest way might be to get +5V from X7 and use a USB light. This needs a bit of wiring though.

Pinout for the X7 can be found here:

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Here is the page with all relevant information:


I had a similar situation. Forget to turn Simucube off and find it still on a few days later. What I did is have the on switch on a DIY button box. It’s an illuminated switch so I don’t forget to turn it off.