Pop when plugging in SC2 Pro

I have a SC2 Pro that I’m currently using on a mobile rig that I have to haul in and out of the living room whenever I race (so 4-5 times a week). This means I have to plug the PSU (which is always connected to a power socket) to my base every time. Whenever I do so, there’s a light “pop” at the base’s plug. Possibly a static electricity discharge, since if I do it again straight away there’s no pop. Is this something that can damage the device? Is there a difference if I keep the PSU connected to the base and plug it to my socket instead? Do I need to somehow ground my rig?

The power supply output capacitors hold a sizable charge, and the Simucube 2 also has capacitors inside it, so when connection is made in wrong order and at 48 V, there will be electrical arc on the connector.

The device is not meant to be used in this way. Prolonged arcing will damage the connectors by causing oxidation of the contact surfaces, increased resistance, and eventually undervoltage fault at the device.

Always connect the device power cables first, and only after that, plug the power supply to AC mains.

The order of connections to be made is covered in the quick start guide and the user manual. For this reason, warranty does not cover any issues that are caused with extensive connector arcing.

Thank you very much for the swift response. I will do it in the right order from now on, my mistake.