Please help, error code 0 when entering high-torque mode

Got my new Simucube rigged in over the weekend, was great Saturday and Sunday, but now it wont enter high-torque mode, just gives an error code 0 and says “motor faults overvoltage power stage turned off” I have restarted it and my PC several times, no joy. Slightly alarmed at this happening after 2 days. I have seen this on one other thread but the last entry was in August. Please help

Which setup do you have? SC2 Pro with 2x psu? If so, make sure to power down everything, unplug and securely/firmly reconnect both psu connectors at the servo.

Also make sure the power-on led on both psu’s are illuminated.


Thanks Phil, it’s the SC2 Pro with single PSU (the new model)

Ha, all good Mate, still just make sure the psu is very firmly connected. But let’s wait for Mika to chime in :wink:

OK I’ll try to reattach everything. IO did also try plugging the PSU into a different socket, that had nothing else plugged in, same results unfortunately

Yep, same again, no error code this time, resistance just disappears as soon as high-torque mode is engaged, and get 3 fast beeps (I think it was three)

Still the error code? Resistance should disappear and those beeps are normal entering high-torque mode…

So if no code, it is operating fine and as expected :wink:

It had resistance when in low torque mode, and it did outside sims in high-torque mode until today, I’m sure it did.

No error code this time

That was the code earlier, hang on I’ll start it in iRacing to see if I get any FFB

Just test it in the sim, I suspect you might have a profile loaded earlier with some desktop centering spring effect active.

That code might pop up I found during my testing when psu was not firmly connected to the servo base.

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fingers crossed, loading iracing now

if you’re ever in Manchester I owe you a big f*king pint mate

Thanks pal, you’re a legend, I’m thinking I must have hit the option you mentioned to disable resistance outside sims, that combined with the error code, my heart sank lol. All good whn I loaded up iRacing though,

Well, I can still get a few races in tonight now haha
Thanks again Beano, merry christmas

Haha, cheers Mate, always great when someone finds joy in their goodies.

I might take you up on that pint when I visit the UK again, lols, desperate for a beer! Take care though and enjoy!

A Blessed Festive Season to you too, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks pal, you too.

Yeah, that code in “waiting for drive to get ready” is caused by the servo drive not dissipating the generated voltage when you turn the wheel when the system has not initialized properly.

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Can you detect the wheel turned during initialization and instead give message “don’t touch wheel during initialization”?

Good point, I will add that to idea list (which is long! :smiley: )