Please guys tell us what works well with SC2 or doesn't

We all are spending lots of cash here. it really would be awesome for the many that came before us to tell which wheels work good and which are suspect…especially the wireless…c’mon guys!!

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I think there would be a large number of reports that warned about non-working wheels if there were any that didn’t work with Simucube 2.

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At the moment, I’m only aware of the wireless wheels from Ascher and simtechracing.
The Ascher F28-SC looks really good, but at 285mm, it is a tad too small for me, and I’m not too keen of the make of the simracingtech.
Are there any other wireless wheels available now? I’d be very interested too know as well!

On a related subject:
Would it be possible to mount an external antenna to the Simucube1 wireless receiver? From what I see, the board itself does not feature a connector like e.g LTE and WLAN cards in tablets and laptops do. It would be cool to be able to route an antenna to the outside of the case to have best connectivity.

You could use a cable and 3D print a case for the receiver.

You mean to put the receiver it in a non-metallic enclosure outside of the (in my case) metal Coolermaster Case?
Never thought of that before, as it’s not as elegant as an antenna, but yes, that would probably work.