Pinouts on the Simucube1 board

Hi, I just received my Simucube and IONI Pro HC, now im working on the set up. Id like to wire the clipping signal to an external LED, is there any descriptiion to the 6 pin header next to the on board LEDs?
Also I was wondering, the fan output pins on t the X7 connector. The first one to the left is +Fan, the next is Gnd. I tried to meassure the voltage, but there was none. Some where I read it is supposed to be 5V. Is this port temperature controlled, so the fan gets power only when the target temperature is reached? And what part is it supposed to cool? (the PSU or the Ioni?)
There are 2 micro switches next to X4. They were set to ON and CTS. Do I need to switch them, in order to upload firmware?
Is there any more detailed description to the Simucube board, that decribes technical specs of various connectors?
Thanks in Advance,

The fan is supposed to cool Ioni. See the construction of our reference 480/720W acrylic case kit for suggestion.

The other DIP switch controls dfu mode (firmware update with STM32 DFU Mode) and the other is not connected to anything at all.

you might want to look at this
At this link if you click on the writing Part1, Part2 etc it takes you to another page with details about that subject.