Pedals not working in upgrade from MMOS

Hi All
I have finally decided to run simucube instead of MMOS.

All seemed to go well but I cant get my pedals to work.
they seem to be working in simucube OK but wont show up in windows game controller calibration/test or rfactor2.

Steering is OK.

firmware/config tool version 0.11.2
IONI drive firmware version 10707

Are you running the pedals through the SimuCUBE… if so do not forget to set them up (turn them on) in the analog input section of the Configuration tool as you have to tell the SimuCUBE which ports are active

Pedals running through simucube, and set up in the analog section of config tool.

Is the input being actually recognized by the SimuCUBE… ie when you press the pedals the values change and you can adjust the deadlines…

yes input recognised by simucube - value changes
Dead zones dont seem to change anything

OK - deadzones to make a difference
at default value (100) I am getting about 12% movement on the position indicator.
raw value is 39500 to 47300.

Big numbers change things.
I guess I need to work out what numbers I need to calibrate properly.

Worked it out.
Didnt have pedals calibrated in simucube properly.
0 to 100% values on all pedals.


OK Yea, My Next thing was to go through how to calibrate… Basically you set the high value Deadzone at the MAXimum that the RAW input provides.

Then you Put the Low Deadzone at the Point where Static noise is removed from the input…

So say you have a brake pedal and you get a range of 0 to 36500 but when it is sitting with no input the RAW value fluctuates in a range of 0 to 350.

You would then set your Deadzone High to 36500 and your Deadzone Low to about 375.

This will now send calibration information to games at full 0 - 100% range without input noise and at full travel.

You can even set the High to be slightly below the recorder RAW high to Guarantee 100% at maximum travel.

Or you can set the low higher to guarantee there will be no raw noise in the brake (which will create Brake drag)

Anyway this is the property to set them and even though you figured it out I decided to post this for others that Might Read this.

Just to correct,: since a while ago, the configuration dialog expects user to input deadzone sizes for both minimum and maximum values, rather than raw axis limit values.