Pedals keep disconnecting and reconnecting

I installed a pair of active pedals yesterday. Not long after I started using them, they started disconnecting and reconnecting to my pc. Today, it’s got worse. Anyone else have this issue?

Got the same problem, only with the active gaspedal. Very random it disconnects and connects…otherwise the brake pedal is stable… When i shift the utp cable connection on the back of the active gaspedal a tiny bit, it also disconnects… Maybe thats the cause of my problem.

It happens in al of my race games. I already checked the cables, they are all good.

It reminds me of a same kind of problem on the dd1 fanatec base, it had very random disconnects… They solved it with a firmware update.

Try with another cable?

Tried several different cables, still the same issue.

Please make a support ticket.