Peak and notch filter

Hi there

I’m hoping someone could please explain to me how to use the peak and notch filter

I have decent settings for iracing but I am trying to filter out the random spikes I sometimes get on straights. I am able to get rid of them setting the reconstruction filter to 7-8 but then I lose some detail going over rumble strips

These are the settings I’m using although I now have the reconstruction filter set at 6 and damping at 10%

Peak/notch filter is a filter that operates on frequency, so if your wheel tends to oscillate at a certain frequency if you let go of the wheel, you can make a notch on that frequency. Or if a certain rumble strip on the track is problematic and hits a resonance frequency that makes your whole rig vibrate at that frequency causing issues with your downstairs neighbours, then you can filter that out.

Any other uses for that filter are purely misconception and the results unintended side effects.

A random spike would not be something that you would be able to filter out with this filter.

Thank you for the explanation. I think I assumed it would work for the issue I have based on the centre frequency adjustment. I’m still trying to figure this all out.

What would be the best solution to smooth out grainyness on straights or what I could describe as ripples (if that makes sense?) without having to use more Force reconstruction filter?

a bit mor damping would help … you can also reduce bandwidth which will reduce the higher frequency and smooth out the top but doing too much will tend to give the same feeling as the super High Recon… try maybe 2200Hz… Many go like running 8 on the recon for the reasons you describe…

Thank you I will try that