Pair sc2 wireless wheel directly to pc

Is there an option to connect a sc2 wireless button plate directy to the pc?
The wireless rim is recognized as an hid controller (which is good)
But unfortunately it doesn’t provide standard the hid characteristics inorder to picked by windows.
With the the current firmware a driver/feeder has to built inorder to use the button plate directly in windows.
The wheel uses standard bluetooth low energy generic attributte services but unfortunately the attributes are non-standard. the bitmap can be read using notifications.

You can pair with your phone and use something like BLE scanner to read out the values.

Will there be either a firmware update or windows driver?
If no, any objections that the community would built such a driver (with details which attributte, UID is used for what)?

The Simucube Wireless Wheel technology is indeed based on Bluetooth Low Energy.

However, we chose to use custom services, because the Windows 10 Bluetooth Stack is not the most stable in the world. This is due to bugs in Bluetooth chipsets and their drivers on the computer. We wanted to be in full control of the software AND hardware stack instead of the nonsense that would generated by the large amount of unknowns.

We have no plans at the moment to expose the API and likely would not give any support for reverse engineering it.