Paddock early access

Little information. I own an sc2 pro revision 2, but I can’t get the True Drive Paddock Early Access to work, my question is: Why does the sc2 pro revision 1 manage to use the early access paddock, and I have the revision 2, right? At startup, it gives me a message indicating that the service is currently available ONLY for ULTIMATE, but that’s not true, because my friend with revision 1 works perfectly. Thanks for the replies.

Gabriele Romano — Oggi alle 21:27

It is available for the R1 revision users, as those were the ones that had to wait extraordinary long for their deviecs due to component supply shortage in 2019-2020. We promised a special edition for them, and the Paddock early access is that special feature for them.

Current plan is to open it up for all users in August 2021.

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Are the drivers open source?

Nope, closed-source.

any further updates? august has arrived and we are eagerly anticipating this feature, please dont say end of august haha :slight_smile: lets gooooo

We are working on gathering data about the (rare) issues with servo drive firmware that prevent some racers from using any of the 2021.x releases. Once I get a few more results from those tests, and I get a confirmation that the latest version of the web app is good to deploy, we will release…

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respect for the reply, awesome you keep us in the loop, cant ask for more, cheers.