Paddle shifters for simucube 2 pro


I have been searching the internet for
paddle shifters that I can attach to my simucube 2 pro. I just want the paddle shifters with no buttons. Do you guys know anything? The only thing I can find is the fanatec universal converted to USB by simracing machine which is very bulky with lots of buttons.

I don’t understand…why would you put paddle shifters on your SC2 …Do you not mean paddle shifters on your Rim … For that you only need a button plate or base which bolts onto your steering wheel… On Google there are hoards of designs for paddle shifters

Ascher used to have one, not anymore.
Seems like Simtag has something similar
You would need Shifter mounting plate and shifters. But it mounts to wheel, not base, not sure how you can mount anything to the motor.

It is possible to wire two buttons to the Accessory port.