Overvoltage [FOV] error Mige 130ST-M10010

IONI Pro HC and small Mige now reports “Overvoltage threshold [FOV] must be > 102% of HV BUS voltage”. FOV used to be 49.50, I increased to 50.50 but again today I get overvoltage error. Also until recently MCC was 6.5 A, but read here for 1hr and saw typical values of 9-11.5. Before this it had running fine for last year.
My hardware configuration:
-Granite Devices IONI Pro HC
-Mige 130ST-M10010 1 Kw 10 Nm 220 V 4.5 A
-Firmware v 1.7.21
-PS 48VDC 480W

Problems arise when:
-Error reported on power up, no beep chime and seemingly no power to wheel - no slight electrical sound it is slow and resistant to turn

How it behaves:
-The HV bus voltage is 49.9 VDC as displayed in Granity Testing screen - is that too high?

I have attached following files:
Mark_settings.drc (9.7 KB)

Yes that is too high. You should have at least 1.5 V between the HV bus voltage and the over voltage fault limit.

If the behavior has been changing recently, then perhaps the PSU is aging.

ah I read discussion about resisters not bleeding off power and thought that was issue - so you recommend I replace PS?
This is current PS:

You should raise the over voltage fault limit and monitor if the power supply is staying like it is or if its changing.

I disassembled the case and checked the PS specs - to my delight the XP DNR480PS48-I provides for output DCV trim adjustment between 47-56 V - so I reset back to precisely 48DCV and [FOV] to 49.5V all fixed.