Overcurrent Fault

I’m getting the following fault from my SC2 Pro when I’m in high torque mode. E-Stop is released. Motor Faults - OverCurrent! Power Stage Forced Off Fault Location ID 442001.

Tomo from SimRacingBay says that this is a firmware issue, but I’m using the very latest released firmware. What should I do?

That fault is typically easily induced, if user turns the wheel at the particular moment when the servo drive is not yet initialized fully.

What are the circumstances when you are getting this fault?

I have the Assetto Corsa profile loaded, I activate high torque mode, and I hear beeping in every corner with modest torque amounts, then go back to the driver screen and see this fault. I haven’t encountered this with high torque mode disabled.

Today is the first day I have my SC2 Pro operating, so I have only a few minutes of experience in both modes - still trying to figure things out. Is there something specific I need to do to initiate it fully?

Please check that both power supplies are connected and that their LED is on.

If you are hearing beeps in corners, they are likely torque clipping beeps which means that you have too high in-game FFB that causes torque saturation (clipping) and loss of FFB feel.

Hello guys, my sc2 sport is not working. I was on project cars 2, I rotated the wheel just to see when it will stop (bumpstop), but there was no bumpstop, after 2 or 3 rotation i heard a click. On SC2 software the wheel is not detecting the rotation and not detecting the press/release of the emergency button. Restarting the sc2 software didnt help.
Turning the sc2 on and off didnt help either.
Has anybody had such a problem? Thank you,

Hisham: Test it in another sim, like iRacing. That will quickly tell you if it is configuration in pc2, or if the issue is somewhere else.