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I have a question regarding the limitation of the overall FFB strength.

When I set for example 30% overall strength in simucube configuration tool (and leave all ingame sliders untouched), the FFB in i.e. PC2 feels right for me. Although when I am driving around curves and need to apply quite some force, there is no more feedback of let’s say road bumps. Everything is back to normal wenn I go straight ahead again.

Just feels like the motor has not enough power to apply “additional” torque when fightin against it in curves.

I drove with a Thrustmaster T300 for quite some time, which strength should be below the Mige’s 30% and never noticed such behavior.

So my question is if the overall strength slider in the configuration tool just caps FFB strength at a certain current level or if it generally scales down the ingame FFB strength sent to the wheel (As the ingame sliders would do).

The second point would be just fine, the first one would lead to extensive clipping I think.

My hardware configuration:
-Small Mige
-Simucube 0.9.0

Thank you very much for your help!

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the slider in SimuCUBE Configuration Tool directly affects the motor current, so it is a linear change to all force signals sent to the servo motor.

So its probably something that causes the forces to “clip” in pCars2 settings.

Ok, thanks Mika
Guess I have to play with the ingame settings a little more…

What you describe sounds like clipping. The general advice for most sims used to be keep overall strength in SimuCube at 100% and reduce in game ffb strength accordingly.

What does it feel like with overall strength at 100 and pcars2 volume at 50? Also try FX at 0 or 10.

Yes, it sounds like clipping and that’s an important indicator to recognize in any title - lack of detail during cornering. It indicates “soft-clipping” in the game-FFB signal. Most games will clip to some extent at 100% output, and certain car/track combinations may clip more severely as developers cannot normalize output among all of the content.

In PC2, setting the SimuCube Strength higher and reducing the game-FFB Volume (Gain always @100% in PC2), should solve the issue but, Ceolmor’s suggestion of reducing FX is significant because too much FX can also cause the FFB detail-signal to clip. I find that 5-15% FX is plenty (depending on track / car being used) in most cases with the OSW.

Having more than one way to induce clipping in PC2 sometimes leads to confusion for the player regarding tuning PC2 FFB so it’s important imo, to realize the correlation between the PC2-FFB settings.

If everything is working correctly, most cars should require minimal - if any, changes to the default setting of Tone 50. If you find that the FFB needs much more than that, the controller-settings profile may be corrupt and may need to be reset.

If you suspect something is wrong with the PC2-FFB due to inconsistent behavior:
• Make note of your current controller settings
• Go to: Documents \ Project CARS 2 \ savegame \ (#folder) \ project cars 2 \ profiles
• Delete: default.controllersettings.v#.sav
• Start Pc2 and assign axis, buttons, configure controllers & FFB & calibrate.

Ideally, the OSW should have it’s own base custom-FFB profile for PC2 but, someone using an OSW with a deep understanding of how the game-FFB works is needed. I’m going to take a closer look at the parameters but, it’s not looking so easy thus far but; from testing several different version of custom profiles, I’m confident that there is room for improvement over the Jack Spade DD profiles.

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Thanks to all of you!

Interesting to read about that soft clipping issue. Never heard about it. I still have a lot to learn about that stuff.

I ended up setting the SimuCube strength to 60%, which shows none of these clipping issues. I don’t know the exact slider values any more, but I did set the FX value to 10, which works really good for me.

I was just irritated that for example Assetto Corsa did not suffer from these clipping issues. Setting the overall strength to 30% worked pretty good.

Thanks a lot for your help and effort!

Assetto Corsa FFB may clip - even below 75% gain in some cases. Kunos explained that they used one car & track combination to set the overall game-FFB output and normalized per car from there. In my experience, certain cases - such as, very high downforce cars are more likely to have clipping at high speeds than most other cars but, that’s just one possible scenario.

Unless you test per car / track or use the Auto-set feature in the FFB Clip App in AC, you can’t be sure clipping won’t occur unless you use the formula of High Output at the hardware / regulate FFB-strength via AC FFB-Gain.