Over velocity error

The wiring setup in the cable (7 wires) matches that of the BISS-C, so I assume it is.

I have a new Mige with a Biss-C scheduled to be delivered today, so that will be the true test.

hmmm looks like someone tried to pry off that encoder at one time or another and either damaged it or knew it was not working well… Look at the marks near the blue pen on the label and the flared blue and chipped casing above the 0.3m

Hmmmmm didn’t notice that… You have a good eye Brian!! I removed it from the shaft before because I was using an Argon so couldn’t use the BISS. However from what I remember it came off without much effort, so I don’t think it was me that caused that.

It certainly came off more easily than the one I had to remove again to put the BISS back on… That one resulted in one stripped bolt head and then one snapped bolt, and was in pieces by the time I got it off.

New Small Mige and BISS-C installed…all seems to be working fine now.

@bsohn Is it possible to repair the old BISS-C do you think, or is it a lost cause generally?

No probably not as for one not sure what might be wrong with it. The new ones are fairly inexpensive as well about $120.00 at last check from China. Generally they don’t go bad but it does happen.

You may be able to test the wiring and see if there is a short in any of the wires causing issue which if there is then it would be an easy wire change fix but if you really have to go internal… it might be hard not only to pull it apart to get inside but to actually do the repair.

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Typically there is a glass disc that is being read by an IC chip, and the distance between them is calibrated by the manufacturer at the factory and programmed to the IC EEPROM. As the Biss-C protocol is digital, I would assume that something funny is happening when the disc is being rotated the other way, which would steer my thinking towards the disc being actually intact but the distance not be calibrated correctly. This could easily happen if the encoder gets dropped on the floor, or someone tries to mechanically induce any loads to the encoder body.

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Many thanks @bsohn and @Mika

Didn’t want the other Mige to go to waste so maybe I’ll see if someone else has a use for it even with a faulty encoder.