Other Wheel Profiles

Ok now im confused. I have the SRB small mige with sincos running simucube and i run in a F1 league and i find the F1 mods for rF2 are a crap shoot with the FFB anyhows we are running Monaco and the wheel is terrible curbs are murder and the car is wild to the point im barely hanging on to it and im no slouch been at this for years but maybe cause its rF2 and a mod maybe i cant find that sweet spot. Anyhow here is the question out of desperation i loaded the accuforce wheel in rF2 and i gotta say big difference for me actually felt pretty good and i was able to set some of the fastest times in the league now but not being technically minded is there anyway i can damage my OSW by running it as the Accuforce Sim experience wheel in rF2 or is it fine to do this?

Before using accuforce profile did you try setting up the json file?

Yes and I may post it tonight just in case I’m missing something . But my question can I do any harm to my osw by running the accuforce profile?

Yes upload it when you can. I doubt that you can in any way harm your equipment bec you chose another profile.

No physical hardware harm could happen. I think the Accuforce profile pretty much sets a bunch of json variables correctly so that they work better with it. I don’t actually know if the advanced telemetry based ffb is available via the accuforce software and whether it works better or worse.

player or controller?

Controller but if you want both . settings photos could also help

IIRC, the AccuForce preset has some parameters that are tuned for the DD-wheel and it makes sense that it can provide more normalized FFB effects with the OSW. I’ll look into that myself as I have both wheels but, mainly use the OSW. Studying the differences in json should offer some clues regarding the most effective settings to adjust - if desired for use with the OSW.