[OT - Funny] SC2 feeling weird in iRacing (resolved)

Had a funny story from last night being a bit daft. So Sunday I was playing around with all the settings learning what the changes are and got something that felt really good to me.

I saved the profile and thought awesome, ready for Monday night league race.
I noticed iRacing had an update.

I logged in and thought there was something with the settings in truedrive I wanted to test after reading it in the iRacing post here. I made the change and tested and the everything in iRacing felt really strange. So I decided to put it back to where it was but it still didnt feel right. So I thought maybe my feelings on the Sunday werent what I thought so for an hour I carried on but then the league race started and I just could get no pace at all. I was 2s a lap slower and just everything felt weird.

After qualifying before the race session started I decided to check the iRacing settings, maybe I turn up the strength there and thats where I noticed that iRacing had reset everything! my nm was 1, my strength was 1, linear was no longer checked, my brake force factor was reset. It suddenly made sense why everything was that weird. All is fixed now but incase anyone ever thinks the wheel feels weird, dont be a dumbass like me (assuming iRacing wouldnt change the settings) and check iRacing before messing with Truedrive settings. :sweat_smile: :joy:

now all in my world is restored and back to the amazing SC2 feeling :smiley: