OSW system [Argon drive + Lenze motor]

I have a question regarding Argon servo.
I’m suppling it an input voltage of 230 VCA and i’m using it to drive a Lenze motor with this specs:
3~motor, 160 v~, Mo’ 11,4 nM, Uin 128 V , 1500 rev/min

I have the necessity to fix the max motor rev/min at 200 rev/min but without loosing Torque.
Is it possibile only modifing the Granity params or i have to suppling the Argon with a different Input voltage?
Please let me know.

My hardware configuration:

  • Argon
  • Lenze motor MCS12H15LC40B0-A19N-ST5S00N-R0SU
  • 2.1.0 with GFW93

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Sorry for the very late reply!

The input voltage determinates the maximum speed of the motor, but it doesn’t effect the torque.

If you only require 200 rpm, it means that you don’t necessarily have to use 230 VAC for the input voltage, but it’s ok to use. Just be careful safety issues.

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