OSW sim racing bay


I am starting this post with letting everybody know I know little to nothing about OSW kits or anything around it at all.

I will try my very best to make myself understood since my language/grammar is also very mediocre.

I tried playing F1 22 on my sons G920, got lowkey hooked and instantly started looking for a wheel to myself, I found this complete rig with a Sim Racing Bay OSW DD, it came with a simucube motherboard, the “new” simucube motherboard it said in the ad.

As I earlier said I’m completely new to this, so in my head as I read simucube motherboard, I thought damn this was cheap for a complete rig with triples and everything and a simucube! The price of it all matched the price of a SC2 Ultimate.

Anyway, I bought it and brought it home to set it up, I struggled a little bit with the softwares to setup my pedals and what not, but then finally I managed to get it up running and I’m amazed!

Now around two months later and I’ve been living inside iracing the last 6 weeks I start to mess around with the settings a little bit because you know, I’m getting used to what I have now and maybe I have missed something or I can improve the feeling somehow!

I asked people on discord, Reddit and what not, if anyone was still rocking those OSWs and if they cared to share their simucube configuration tool settings. The answers I got was very needed because I found out my Mige 130ST 10010 is actually a 20nm base and not a 10nm base which I always thought! So I instantly went into iracing to raise my settings there to 20nm… but then I tabbed back out to continuing checking his settings and I see his “actual max current” is as 12.00 A, and I noticed mine was at 7.86 A, at a 100% strength.

So my questions are, is my base a 10nm or a 20nm? And why can’t I get a higher “actual max current” than 7.86? And how much of a difference would a 10nm dd base of a newer generation be compared to my setup?

Sorry for this super-long text, I could probably have skipped ninety percentage of this text I realize now at the end. If anyone still runs this combo themselves maybe they could care to share some setups with me!

Best regards

You probably need to up the maximum current [MMC] setting in Granity to 12.86 A, and then you will get 20 Nm. Unless the previous owner has somehow reduced the current for some reason, or changed the power supply to less powerful one.

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Okay, I never heard of that software so I just downloaded it, but that seems to be one complicated thing to mess around with for me. I launched it and everything is set to 0 since it’s a fresh install I assume :confused:

You need to click Enable IONI USB Configuration Mode in Simucube first, then use the other USB port on the Simucube to connect to the servo drive with Granity.