OSW loss of ffb force and fidelity


Question out of curiosity I had a look at my board to check the jumper as the fidelity with my simucube can be a bit random and noticed my board doesn’t have the the green terminal and jumper.

Do I need the terminal and jumper ?


The jumper was added in a later Simucube hardware revision.

Does it say 1r004 or 1r005 on the PCB?


R 004. Why was the revision made?


1r004 does not have the jumper.

Revision was made to make it easier to change to using external resistor if required. Also the mosfet transistor driving the resistor circuitry was end of life, and we had to change it. Also, we changed the dip switch location to be near the edge of the board, and fixed the silkscreen print for that as it was incorrect for 1r004.

No changes were made that would effect the driving feel in any way.