OSW IONI Pro - USB recognition problem


I need help with my OSW. Its running perfectly fine since i bought the kit 2 years and half ago. Its been 5 days now without such stability.

Here’s my hardware

Small Mige
IONI Pro (IONIFWpackage1.5.3)
STM32F4 Discovery Board (FFB2014-0.99.2)
Discovery shield

I’m experiencing undetected USB device in windows 10. To get the wheel operational and detected in Win10 Game controllers and MMOs I need to turn on the wheel system first then plug the USB to the PC. If the USB stay plugged in and I turn on the wheel system again later I get nothing detected. When it’s happening the Blue light on the disco board do not turn on as usual, the wheel itself move a little bit but not like normal and I get no softstop either when I turn it manually.

Im wondering if its normal that the disco have some lights on with just the usb plugged in ? I cant remember if it was like that before.

Important fact: The house have been hit by a lightning strike prior my OSW problem. The only problem I experienced hardware wise in the house is with my ethernet on the MSI motherboard but who knows where it went… I have APC surge protector power bar everywhere. I cant be sure its related but it worth mentioning.

I tried all USB, removed my PCIe USB 3.0 card and tried everything to isolate my problem and to reproduce it.

When the wheel is in operation it run flawlessly for hours. I want to know what you guys think before reflashing the disco board and reinstalling the USB driver.

Hope it make sense to anyone…

Thanks a lot for the help!