OSW DIY need Your Help Guys

Hello Granite Devices Community,

iam not sure if iam right here but i just created an account to ask you a few questions.

I stopped with Sim Racing 1.5-2 years ago and now iam planing to get back to it. I used nearly every wheel out there on the market. Now i want to get a Direct Drive wheel. I read a few articles and compared the devices against each other and iam pretty sure i wanna go the OSW route.

Now seeing the price of the OSW (simracingbay) which hasnt VAT included and watching many Videos where people simply put together there own Wheel gave me the idea that i could do the same.

I found that on the Internet: http://opensimwheel.wikidot.com/
It sounds “quite” simple but iam not sure if iam able to build it myself. So iam here to ask you guys if you could help me with this project.

It looks like i could get this setup around 600-700 Euros (shipment, Vat !?) which is half of what i would pay for the Simracingbay one.

There are different Encoders (?) out there on the market and i ABSOLUTELY dont know anything about them and i dont know what they actually do.

I talked to a few friends and they said that i go the SImCube route because of future updates and stuff. On top of that the SimCube looks much cheaper compared to the others on the Wiki Link.

Is it enough for me if i just buy 1 Item out of each category on the Wiki page?
Where should i buy the Motor for example, from Alibaba?

Of course i would appreciate every other Information you guys could give me.



Information on this site still includes build stuff that are not needed if you build a SimuCUBE kit.

Higher-resolution encoders are typically sincos encoders. These improve the feel and smoothness especially if you use any filtering in the IONI drive, or if a game sets filtering. These higher-resolution encoders are only supported by SimuCUBE-based solutions.


first of all i would like to thank you for your answer, i really appreciate it.

Is it possible that you tell me which things i dont need?

I looked at the page and thats what i think i need:
Mige 130ST-M15015 (300-400dollars?)
SimCube (169€)
Motor Mount (around 50-60euros)
Motor Shaft Lock (do i need it if i buy a Fanatec QR adapter?)
Case for (simcube i think !?)

Usb Interface Category:
Do i need any of them?

So that i can put these 2 together and attach any Fanatec will without any problems !?

Otherwise your list is fine. If you are building a SimuCUBE, you need only the cables from the USB Interface Category.

Beano has written much better build instructions, which are available from here, for example:

Since your in the process of planning a build, just wanted to point you to the following.

Quick release for any wheel:

SRC-CUP wheel (I preferred this wheel over the Fanatec)

I also looked at a self build, but decided that some things are easier bought build :slight_smile:

I have the high resolution build from Tomo Meglic and it’s awesome.

Greetz, Rick

So the build is complete only missing thing would be the cables. Oke thx.

When i was looking for the SimCube i read this (https://granitedevices.com/store/applications/simulators/simucube-force-feedback-controller-board.html?options=cart):
"To build a working force feedback system, obtain also following items

IONI Pro or IONI Pro HC drive (available from this web store)"

It doesnt make any sense. I thought Ioni. SImcube and Argon are different methods of doing the same thing.

That wheel looks quite good but the problem is when i spent so much money on this then i have to stick to this wheel. When i go the Fanatec Conversion route then i can simply switch the wheels… Still thanks for your advise.

IONI is the servo drive, that can be installed on to an IONICUBE or a SimuCUBE “motherboard” products. It all started more or less from Argon, then we designed IONI and IONICUBE, and evolved into IONI and SimuCUBE.

Now i get it :smiley:
So SimCube is the Motherboard and Ioni is something like a sound card which enables the sound. In this case the FFB and stuff. Thanks man.

So i have to buy the Ioni Pro aswell.
Iam pretty sure i need a Power Supply too.

New List:
Mige 130ST-M15015 (300-400dollars?)
SimCube (169€)
Ioni Pro HC (199€)
Power Supply for SimCube
Motor Mount (around 50-60euros)
Motor Shaft Lock (do i need it if i buy a Fanatec QR adapter?)
Case for (simcube i think !?)
Adapter for Fanatec Wheels (35€)
Wheel Base Side Fanatec Conversion Kit (130€)
USB-A to Mini USB (~5€) & USB-A to Micro USB (~5€). Why do i need them ? Ioni sticks to the SimCube i assume. Oke 1 cable from the SimCube to my PC maybe but whats the other one for?

ps: I dont understand why in so many years people didnt make a easy Instructions Video…But when i get my wheel i will do one.

And what about an emergency stop?
If for some reason your motor goes bananas your looking at 200Kg of force pounding away :frowning:

Yeah i know that i need a emergency stop aswell. I can remember quite well when my Fanatec V2 or my Thrustmaster T500 went crazy. That hurts even with 6NM …
But i dont know which parts i need for that.

Btw on the picture you posted we can see the SimCube on the bottom of the Case. Power Supply doesnt need a explanation. But the “reserved for future Simcube functions”. Where does that come from? Do i need it?

As you see, this is the motor power cable with emergency stop. It’s probably a cable you can make if you know what your doing.
I don’t know about the reserved future functions connection.

I think the picture shows a Pre Build Kit (maybe from Simracingbay…) and thats why there is an additional Connector. which you normally not need (i think).

Simracingbay sells it for 99€ lol. This is milking the Sim Racing Communit… I will just build one myself but thats not the main area iam focusing right now. I have to build the wheel first.

If you are going to piece meal the system together the following is the best route:

MIge Servo directly from Lisa Zahn at Mige (sorry don’t have her email off hand)
Get either the 15015 (30Nm) or 10010 (20Nm) with the SinCOS encoder, do not forget to order the Power and Encoder cables with it. This should run about $400.00 +/- depending on shipping and PayPla fees… I do suggest the 15015 personally but that is for power reasons as I like to feel.

Then From Granite Devices order the SimuCUBE and an IONI. Get the Pro if using the 10010 or the HC if using the 15015

Power supply for either get at least a Meanwell NDR-480 but I would suggest if getting the 15015 to get the SDR-480… For the 10010 you will not need more than the NDR.

Then after that you will need: A Servo Mounting and Wheel attachment Method (drive lock, ect…), A case to hold everything nicely (though I have seen some OPEN builds), and of course a wheel.

And that is about it.

WoW thanks buddy. You are awesome :slight_smile:
Great Informations there.

I think my list is fully completed then.

I will start with the Mige and try to contact them.

ps: I cant really find a site from Mige. I always end up at Alibaba.
Ps2: Got it: hzmgdjzhan@gmail.com.

One more question. The “PPR” is something like the refresh rate right!? Is it something which is build into the motor or is it in my SimCube?? If its in the Motor then i will tell her to give me a high one. Simracingbay is selling a 2.1mil one.

Pulses Per Revolution is the resolution of the encoder on the motor. I suggest getting the Mige 2848 line Sincos encoder rather than a quadrature encoder of which the PPR value is usually advertisded.

Yep the is Lisa’s Email… ask for the 2048 SinCOS encoder when you order the servo it should be available for either servo version depending on what you want. The 2048 SinCOS is the 2.1 million point encoder.

Thanks again guys. With your knowledge iam just a few steps away from my wheel :slight_smile:
The 2.1m is the lastest i think and thats what i was trying to get. I will send her a 2nd e-Mail and tell her that.

@Mika 2848 ? Typo? bsohn said its the 2048

yeah, a typo :slight_smile: Glad to be of help.

Hey guys,

so after ordering most of the needed parts i found out that i need a little piece to put onto my Motorshaft.

The Wiki Page suggests “driverlocks”:

And on top of that i need a “plate” so that i can put my Fanatec Adapter onto it.
Here is a picture where a “plate” is put on a COM B 22-32:

My question is, could you tell me which “driverlock” (COM B 22-32) i need? Would be nice if its from Maedler.de.
And my 2nd question is, could you tell me where i can get this “plate”? The one on the picture.

I would really appreciate your help, the last 2 days iam sitting in front of my computer and fiddling around what i need, where to buy etc…

I bought my own set from @mascher 1.5 years ago: