OSW Disconected during races

Hello Guys.
First message here and I’ve got a big problem.
I’m a old OSW user with an Argon osw first and from two years with a simucube with a 18 Nm mige motor and blis-c encoder from Augury in Spain.
I have upgrade the software to last official version (1.0.25 simucube and 10716 ioni drive firmware) and for a few days, I have suffered disconnections from the steering wheel during races, which did not happen to me before.
I have updated simucube software and currently use 1.0.25 and ioni 10716 firmware.
I need your help because I don’t know what can happen anymore.
When the direction of the game (assetto corsa competizion or iRacing) is switched off, the steering wheel stays stuck so that it wants to keep turning; usb devices do not show any errors (USB Tree View software) and the simucube software continues to work showing the steering wheel the degrees of rotation and moving if I move the steering wheel but the game don’t respond on wheel.
I need to shutdown the game and the osw and restart them to make use of the osw and the game again.
Please, I need your help.
Thank you

Have you also updated to the latest version of Win 10?
Supposedly Win 10 had some issues with some USB devices, but I would check your device manager and go through the following sections and open every entry and check if it has a ‘Power Management Tab’ and make sure that the checkbox “allow computer to turn off this device to save power” is NOT checked.
Check all entries in these sections in Device Manager:

  1. Human Interface Devices
  2. System Devices
  3. Universal Serial Bus Controllers

Other potential is if you are using an external USB hub, make sure it’s at least a powered one and limit the amount of peripherals connected. Of course a better solution is something like Startecs PCIe card with a dedicated USB controller for each USB 3.0 Port:

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Many thanks.
I’ll try this.