Oscillation Motion at Initial Start

My hardware configuration:
-Linear Motor / Linmot

Hello everyone. I have a problem. After giving the first energy to my linear motor, it makes an oscillation motion. I don’t think it’s related to homing because it does whether homing is enabled or not. If the rotor is in a bad position, the rotor out of place because this oscillation movement. I even put a barrier in front of its so that it wouldn’t out of place.


It’s oscillating until 0:05. After 0:05, it does hard stop homing. In other words, it oscillation first and then homing. I don’t want oscillation. How can you help me with this issue?

Best regards, thank you.

This movement is the phase search routine, see : https://granitedevices.com/wiki/Phasing_a.k.a._phase_search

If you do not want this, you need an absolute encoder or HAL sensors connected. With either ones, it will be possible to have the servo drive know the relationship between encoder data and motor phases in an absolute manner. If your motor has an incremental (quadrature or sincos) encoder, then the encoder signal does not contain absolute position information and the phase search routine must be performed.

Oww I did not know. Thank you for informing.