Ordering Acrylic cases for SimuCUBE



Thanks for help previously,

Maybe you have seen images from before but we have x10 Sims with exposed PSU and SimuCube and I would like to start tidying each Sim.

I have search to find ready made casing with no luck, Would you be able to provide order link or refer to wear I can get cost effect parts from to tidy each sim

I believe I need the

  • Case
  • 3 Pin Power plug
  • Fan
  • Electronic Pin connectors for PSU wiring

Please could you recommend best parts or a ready kit I can purchase and use.

Current setup is like this

Thank you

i know that an acrylic case could be fancier but you could just take x10 mAtx cases and do your job. My guess is that you ll get them easier and cheaper.


Yes, we originally had acrylic case kits for Simucube 1. They were build around a concept where the acrylic parts were mounted on the PSU itself with screws. So, they were really specific for those PSU models we were using. Also other components are needed such as the power connector. For some kit models, there were so called “magic cubes”, small metal blocks with threaded holes on them, to screw the acrylic sheets together in a 90 degree angle, etc…

The kits were discontinued due to low sales a long time ago. However, we do have the DXF files available in our wiki page here:


You can have the acrylic pieces laser-cut from 4 mm acrylic in any place that laser-cuts acrylic :slight_smile:

However, you might be using some other power supplies, so a clean looking kit could be done with suitable Micro ATX computer cases instead, with similar price in the end.