Ordered SimuCube 2

Since i don’t think my distributor being transparent. I just want to know where are we currently and what is a realistic date for despatch? Is it now December or beginning of January?

I ordered on the 14th of November and i’ve been delayed twice. While other companies have had it back in stock.

Only your reseller will know when their stock is due, where did you order from?

i asked already and they said 26th. Called them today and apparently still hasn’t arrived. Ordered through Demon Tweeks UK supplier.

I had a pretty bad experience with DT last summer, I deposited an account for some pedals with the promise that once they were back in stock they would have immediately sent them to me, because of that deposit which would have granted me some kind of pre-order benefit.
one month later, I received a mail saying they don’t do pre-orders and it was their employee fault allowing me to make this kind of deal, it was his initiative which was not allowed by the company or whatever.
as a result, I obviously haven’t received the pedals and their refund came to me almost 2 months later, even shortened of paypal taxes.
I really hope you will be luckier than me with them, but to me they are not even close to be transparent and reliable.

Generally I’ve found Demon Tweeks to be quite good on other stuff, but not sim gear. I ordered some Sim-Lab parts from them but there was a long delay. I think I cancelled the order and bought direct from Sim-Lab in the end.

Why not cancel your order and order from simracingbay instead. I got my Simucube 1 and later a BISS-C encoder from them, and the service was beyond excellent. Also, I wonder how much technical support you would get from Demon Tweeks for a DD wheel.

P.S. I’m based in UK

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Doesn’t sound good on DT part.

Yeah it’s hindsight as always, i’ve bought a ascher racing wheel from simracingbay similar time with zero issues. I wish i did order from them instead.

I know simucube sport back in stock on simracingbay on the 4th, so if it does all fall apart then i’ll go with them. I could also upgrade from the sport to pro since that’s already in stock

i have to see one ultimate unit like brand new for 2200 euros shippings excluded.
let me know. “purchased from RaceWERK”