Options for Console compatibility - hear me out

Been helping a few friends figure out what they need to move to DD.
And quite a few times has the same question came up - does Simucube have console support for the upcoming next Xbox (Project Scarlet) and PS5?

If you keep tabs on the leaks on the next Xbox, it’s going to be a massive jump forward from Xbox One and will be able to run 1440p at 120hz with support for monitors, with many more games also including keyboard and mouse support.
I saw a post yesterday that suggested the new Xbox will be better than most mid-high end PC’s, for a fraction of the price.
Not saying that PC gaming is dying, but the console’s are evolving and it’s not unthinkable that many who are tired of spending $2K on a new PC every 3 years might consider a $600-800 console instead that will support large displays and a range of peripherals.

With Fanatec Podium already offering support, how difficult could it be to add this?
Right now, for those who race on both PC and console the choice for DD is Fanatec Podium and let’s not forget that the console market is exponentially larger than the PC gamer base, with a large majority of games being developed for console FIRST before PC.

Just food for thought - Microsoft doesn’t care whether gamers use a PC or console as they win either way and it’s clear that the direction is to join both communities on a unified platform if you follow what’s going on.

Its mostly a licensing thing, and PS license is complicated. Lets see how things develop - there would have to be a serious sim racing title - step up from GT or Forza - that would also have to happen on consoles.


i think you can try Gimx