Option to edit VID/PID

Hi all,

Want to know if could be possible to add an option to change VendorID/ProductID on future TD releases.

Comming from flightsim games and as a Virpil customer, his joystick software allows the user to change VID/PID and this habillity create a vast ammount of possibilyties when setting up any sim/driving game with predefined profiles.

VID/PID is hard-coded into device firmware. It would be very difficult to make it editable.

Yes, Virpil software updates firmware everytime we upload any change but those type of changes are made once in a while.

also, changing VID/PID at will is not allowed by USB specs either - one is bound to run into all kinds of issues with that.

Only problem I faced when changing VID on Virpil software was to match every axis the same as copied VID device, match the same buttons and Thats all.
Maybe some kind of belarusian blackmagic