Operating room Temperature?

Not sure if it has been discussed before. Just received the ultimate.

The manual lists operating room temperature range of 15C - 30C, that seems to be a very narrow range.

Can anyone from granite provide more details?

My room runs around 28.5C with all the gear on and fan on, I have AIr Conditioning vent and even with that its pretty hot.

I bought a small fan to direct air to the wheel base but over all air will be warm.

So why such a narrow operating temperature range?

I have to keep the door closed to keep my cats out, but have fan and AC on, but even with that room stays warm

Glad I’m not thr only one who noticed.

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I’m concerned about this as well. My room is usually at 28C with everything off. (I don’t have my SC2 yet, just something that I noticed when reading the manual.)

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That upper-end temp will be to guarantee the wheel will operate within thermal limits…whilst at high levels of torque.

If you’re not going to run the wheel at full torque for long periods, there won’t be a concern. Plus, the lower-level is not an issue at all. I suspect GD setting these limits to cover themselves, especially the upper-limit.

I have been running the Ult for many months in 25-28deg C room, with zero issues.


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Im Running my Sport at 31º room temp since june.

At 7-12nm the SC2 is warm but not hot.
When testing @bsohn method of full torque at TD settings, things gets hot, I can feel on my face the rising temp in my room. Not over long periods because i like the feeling not the force. The SC2 case turns really hot at touch but can keep my hand on it.

Said that, never had a temp problem or FFB lose, do you remember that yellow sticker when unboxing the SC2 for the first time?

My Pro has never generated any heat at all, even with room temps of over 30 Celcius.
last night (room temp approx 23 celcius) I did a practice stint of almost 2 hours non stop racing and the housing wasn’t even slightly warm.

I’m running TD @ 25 NM and ingame 80Nm so it’s definitely not on full power, that will make a difference.

The 30 degrees room temperature is there because the Ultimate motor may heat about 35-38 degrees above room temperature when used with full torque setting over extended time periods. There are certain rules regarding these appliances and typically 70 degrees celcius is the max surface temperature that is allowed due to certain regulations. Therefore if your device heats above 70 degrees, you basically use it in wrong kind of environment (too hot room). If the device is above 70 degrees celcius, there is still no risk of damage to the equipment but you may burn your hand if you touch the surface of the motor. That’s pretty much the upper temp limit reason. The lower temperature is due to the possibility of water condensing to the surfaces of the motor which may cause issues to the electronics.


That is a good explanation

I went ahead and ordered a window AC unit any ways to keep the room cooler.

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