Open wheel rim options

Hello, hope you are having a good day. gonna be receiving my SC2 Pro in a couple of weeks. decided to go with the SRC GT-1 as my first rim, but ultimately the goal is to get an open-wheel rim later when I can save some more money. but it seems that there aren’t many options if you are not planning on breaking the bank. the Ascher Racing and Cube controls products are well and great but they aren’t exactly budget-friendly especially when I just spent a ton of money on the base. I was wondering if you know some community replica wheels or some other options that are not very expensive that you can share with me. thanks.

Turn r20 on the src plate, works great

The Polsimer formula wheel is pretty cheep compared to the competition. It uses a 3d printed housing with an aluminum front plate, but it feels pretty solid.

Maybe contact this guy
Builds some affordable GT3 wheels

oh god please no, I had the absolute worst experience with him, very poor quality and finish, so much so that I had to ask for a refund.

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you guys and gals are being very helpful, I appreciate it greatly. I’m also looking at Speed Max Racing Open wheel rims, anyone have tried their wheels?

I recomend this

Here another user of Polsimer, very good wheel for a very good price!

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anyone visiting this topic in the future steer clear of Speed Max Racing, nothing but trouble.

this is a review I wrote a while back about the issues I had on Trustpilot: