Open truedrive on secondary monitor

is there a way to open the truedrive app by default on a secondary monitor???


I’m using DisplayFusion for that (and lots of other nice features).
You can create triggers for any application and decide what it does as soon as it opens. Love it!

It does on my side…
Just open TD and it remembers the screen where it closed last time.

But… It pops up centered, app dont remember the exact position like in older versions. So if you are using surround it will pop up in the center screen

I had to remove restoring the window position, as that code supplied by the app framework has a glitch that makes only a white screen show, IF that same computer has a certain sound chip and its PC app - and that sound chip + app is very popular on some Asus motherboards, it seems. So, it would be a support nightmare to add that back right now.

Could there be any solution or alternative for the app window open automatically on a secondary monitor?
Or do I have to use an external application?