One week old simucube 2 ultimate doesn’t work

One week old simcube ultimate not working… to say I’m pissed is an understatement… now what, who do I contact? I tried everything including connecting too a different computer…the wheel feels very Notchy.

All plugs are in tight . Also try to use different outlet different computer…

Contact the person that you bought it from.

1 - update fw if you haven’t already
1 - cycle estop to clear the error
2 - enable high torque mode
3 - set an “advanced mode profile”.

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How can I update fw? I tried the other steps but still doesn’t work!

Have you installed version 2020.7 TrueDrive and let that update the firmware?

He has True Drive 2020.7 already.

The overvoltage fault does only happen if you turn the wheel when the device starts. We have an idea on what is going on with the faults on some of the new units.

Ok now what? I spend a lot of money for a device that doesn’t work. Do you work for granite?

I did … I’m getting a circle jerk… he wants me to contact granite… good thing I used my amex. A really business would send me a new unit with a return label for my broken one! What’s funny is they advertise 6 year warranty…

Mika and the guys will solve it, like always, don’t worry.

There on vacation…that’s the response I’m hearing.

We have expedited the issue and investigation of this unit.

However, spamming all Simucube 2 threads here on the forum (causing extra work for us to clear it up) sure didn’t help.

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The Granite Team are on vacation at the moment.

First step is contact the reseller that you bought it from.
Then you will request and RMA
Then Granite will try to evaluate the problem and let the Reseller know what to do.

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Geez have a sook, if you worked through the ideas you were given you would be much further along by now

Simucube/granite devices are great but communication needs to go both ways

No one asked you for your opinion…

I don’t understand what you are saying? Are you local

Do you know that mine was defective and it had to be sent back to the manufacturer… I’m sure you would be fine sending back an item that you bought and used for 4 days…

It happens some times, that’s why people have warranty, stop sooking

any updates about this topic ??

He received a new unit and is up and running.


@Mika would you be able to elaborate on that, by chance, particularly now that the team’s had a chance to look closer? Just purchased a new SC2 Ultimate and want to know if I need to be on the lookout for anything. Are these faults you’re aware of anything that could affect the longevity of the recent batches, if we look years down the line, as opposed to just causing near-immediate failures like in the above case?