Older title game issue with simucube 2 Pro

I have noticed this issue first with GTR2, but it is occurring many older titles such as F1 Challenge, GT legends, Race 07, and Rfactor 1. When I have the effects on anything other than low if I hit the side of my car sometimes the wheel will just shoot hard to the left and just stick to the side, almost like it has reset its center. I know when Shovas brought this up the last software update was suppose to help with this and it was something due to the direct filters. I have updated and the issue is still occurring.

What can I do to fix this please as I play these titles as much as my other games!

Which firmware release are you running? Some of the older games were extensively tested when we re-did the directinput effects in the 2022.10 release and afterwards.

I’m running software 2022:11 and it’s still occurring on the recent ones I was driving on (race 07, F1 Challenge, Rfactor 1, and GT Legends. Is there anything that I can do or a setting to put to 0 that will fix this?
I’m also going to go ahead and upgrade to the latest version in hopes that it fixes some of them.

After the latest update, the bug immediately happens in GT legends, but I wasn’t able to re-produce it on F1 Challenge. Trying Rfactor 1 and Race 07 now.

Rfactor 1 and Race 07 still do it. It seems less maybe. I found that on low FFB effects it will not do this reset of the wheel to the far left, but if I run anything higher than this, if I hit a wall even at slower speeds on the tire (with invulnerability on in the game so no damage is doing it) the wheel pushes to the left side and is stuck there until I go into settings and change the FFB effects again.

The main one for me that is just undesirable to drive is GT Legends. On Low FFB effects there is really nothing through the wheel and anything higher that feels some better, will easily create this bug.