Old SimuCUBE Font?

I want to 3D print the word SimuCUBE in the previous layout bleu and white. Is there any way I can download the font that has been used?


I’d also like to do this as I want to have the ‘Simucube’ text on a printed sticker for the side of my SC1.
Just pure aesthetics of course.

We would very much like if everyone used our new Simucube brand logo with helmet emblem, or just the text part. We are not using the old logo anymore, and it will be replaced also in Simucube 1 Configuration Tool and associated documentation.

Hi Mika

can you share a vector logo so that we can use it on different media (printing / wallpaper / 3D printing…)?


We are considering making it available, and also the rules regarding colours and such. No decision yet, but hold tight…

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