Odd mini-clunk sensation mid-corner

I’ve been experiencing a weird little clunk in the FFB from my SC2 Pro in iRacing. It happens mid-corner usually, or at least when I have the car fairly well loaded shortly after corner entry. It almost feels like something is just a little loose in the hardware somewhere, but that’s probably not it. It’s just feels like a tiny little momentary reversal of direction in the FFB.

It doesn’t seem to make sense in terms of what is happening on-track, as there is no apparent reason for this to be a genuine FFB cue. It has been happening in the 992 Cup car at the Red Bull ring, and in the Skippy at Hungaroring. Always seemingly in relatively constant FFB corners, such as the long left T5 at Red Bull, and the second to last corner (left hairpin) at Hungaroring.

I have tightened everything I can think of in case it is a hardware problem. Both wheel rims I have experienced this with seem very solid and all bolts well tightened. Similarly, I have tightened up the SC2 QR pin mechanism, in addition to the three exposed bolts on the front of the base-side of the QR. Those were the only ones that seemed a little loose. (By loose I mean I could get another 1/4 turn on each of them).

I have attached my FFB profile. I’m hoping that there is something simple in there that can be tweaked to get rid of this. It’s quite immersion breaking at the moment.

Thanks for any help you can offer!!

Simucube FFB Settings|345x500

Turn Off “Notch Filters”

For iRacing, turn Off all DirectInput effects too

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Thanks! Must read up on what the Notch filter does. I thought the DirectInput Effects had no effect for iRacing?

Not true at all,
if you play with app.ini DamperMode values and makes use of Damping slider inside iRacing ingame options, then DirectInput signals are reaching your wheel

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Thanks! I had no idea.

Just look at those balloons that appears to the right of any DirectInput slider on True Drive,

If " - " no DI force is reaching SC2
Then an empty balloons means the Effect is called by Game, if balloons is full white the Effect is active and can be felt on the wheel with a reasonable % value on that slider

You can activate DI effects on App.ini by DamperMode line, 0 creates DI Damping effects, 1 creates DI inertia effects, and 2 creates DI friction effects.

To make those effects active you must play with iRacing ingame Damper slider

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