NRG QR with Simucube Pro 2


I just received my Simucube Pro 2. I was told that I’ll able to mount my existing NRG QRs without having to use the full Simucube QR, but I can’t see a way to do that (did I assemble it incorrectly?). Maybe it was a misunderstanding on my part, but I presumed there was a plate to mount directly to the motor if the SC cover plate was removed.

Before I finish attaching my wheel, can anyone confirm if this is OK, and won’t cause undue stress on the SC2 motor shaft? I’m careful to never pull myself up via the wheel, but my previous setup was a fraction of the length of this.


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You could get the plate that Tomo Simracingbay designed

You could then remove the SC2 QR and mount your NRG direct to the adapter plate.

Thanks, I may do that. In the meanwhile I might just forgo the NRGs and mount only with the SC QR. I’m a bit worried about the length of all this, and effectively using two QRs at once.

You are welcome.

The length probably would not be an issue unless you put alot of pressure on it.
With using two QR I would worry about any side play/ slop. You must remember with DD Wheels any slack robs some FFB from you.

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If you only have one wheel and already have the SC QR then just use that. If you have multiple wheels with NRG then you could use some adapter as Joe mentioned to not use SC QR in the middle. Although I’m not sure if NRG’s baseside is directly compatible with the SC base or not.


you need it :wink:

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I chose to buy Simucube over a Fanatec DD1 SPECIFICALLY because it allowed me to do this. All you need is this little adapter:

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is there no play on this QR?

I haven’t noticed play on the SC, nor the NRG QRs.

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