Notch/hitch/jolt around centre AKM motor

I’ve just finished setting up an AKM54K to simucube.
MMC: 23
Recon filter: 5
Damping: 2, Friction: 1, Inertia 0.75.

I’m getting a ‘clunk’ feeling as I pass the centre point. It’s easiest felt by weaving down a back straight, its a short jolt as if something is clunking into place.

Any thoughts/advice?

Loose shaft coupler?

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Certainly worth checking!

Almost bang on the button - it was the mount bolted on the back of my wheel rim, it had come slightly loose! No issues now it’s all tightened up (with loctite this time). Cheers Mika!

If it is the last firmware then update the firmware trough simcube software.
Why I don’t know but it worked for me!
I had sort of " clicks in the wheel on the straits en cornering after the upgrade is gone
except 1-2 degrees of center