Notch filter Telemetry

Hey everyone!

Do you guys konw how I can display the ffb frequency in combination with the wheel torque in Motec to see what frequency I have to cut out with the notch filter to “disable” the extreme peaks in signal. You know at some points at the track the goes crazy and i want to use the filter for it, because the rest of my seeting feels very good and direct and I don´twant to change it. So i need the notch filter


Notch filter can be used to tune out unwanted buzzing in the FFB signal, if there is one on a certain frequency. Or, to tune out oscillation when you let go of the wheel which is usually simulator&car specific frequency. It cannot be used to tune out “extreme peaks”.

That is exatly what I want to do, tune out buzzing. But considiering that there is 255k+ posible settings for that filter if you really want to pick out a specific frequency. Is there an easy way to find the right frequency?