Notch Filter Settings

Hi, I have just started driving the Audi RS3 in iRacing using a profile I use in other cars close to Beano’s settings.

The wheel feels quite notchy, but I don’t know how to go about setting the Notch Filter settings.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



Tony, I have not yet driven that car much, just once when it was released, I found the ffb pretty bad on it, tbh.

I am sure it can be tuned to feel a lot better, but I haven’t done any profile gor it, sorry.


I would ignore the notch filter honestly… It is a very limited scope filter and is VERY hard to set up… You pretty much have to set it while driving so that it surpresses the frequency that you want it to hit and then of course you have to determine how wide you want around that frequency you want to have surpassed and how much after you find the frequency… The issue is these setting will ONLY be for that car and on top of that MAY only be best on the track it was set on or even a specific location on that trac that it is set on…

In the past it was used to help control Oscillations with certain cars by suppressing the frequency of oscillation but that is less of an issue now and inertia is a much more broad method of accomplishing that so the Notch filter is a lot less useful these days.

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